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Survivor stories*

 Survivor Story:  January 2017.... while he was working at Eglin Air force base... had a real girlfriend in NY who was planning on moving down to Florida for him and actually did that summer following. He was also talking to a woman in Texas that he visited on one of his all expense paid trips for sex acts with a man. Real dirt bag... I contacted the woman in NY and clued her in and the one from Texas reached out to me. Unfortunately for the one in NY he talked his way out of it and they stayed together and then he left her for I'm sure was you when he picked up and moved to Texas. Hes a compulsive liar and honestly is mentally I'll. He needs to be stopped.

 Survivor Story:  I met Dan online- he approached me several times before i finally gave in and started talking with him. We talked everyday-several times a day-He was a charmer. After a couple of weeks I came to Destin to see him. We spent a week together. I fell pretty hard...He told me he loved me and a week later wanted me to be his wife. We would be talking on the phone and he made me promise to never leave him and be his wife forever. I lived in Daytona beach, big house, sports car, motorcycle and a great job. we decided it was time for me to be with him in Destin. So I sold my house, left my job and came to Destin to be with the man I loved. While packing up my last load and saying goodbye to Daytona...I had a message come from a woman asking me what i was doing talking to her man. When i got with Dan he really wouldn't give me any explanation. He ignored my calls. Come to find out girlfriend of two years was heartbroken and so was I. We continued to talk and became good friends over the course of about a year. So here i was, crushed, gave everything up and had no idea what to do. I couldn't stay in Destin knowing he was i tried to pick the pieces up back in Daytona. I started drinking heavily and fell into such a deep depression....that one night i put a loaded gun to my head and thought about pulling the trigger. It took me months to get my act together and realize after some checking that Dan had done this to several women. I went through my pissed off stage...but I'm back on track now. Sober since January 2018 and I have a great life again. I'm single and loving it. No men for awhile! Funny thing is Daniel contacted me 3 weeks ago and said he was sorry for the way things happened and really wanted us together. MMMMM Right-I blew him off!!! 

Survivor story:  Had a brief encounter with Dan in Destin Florida. Met online, hung out, slept together twice, then i found out he was seeing other women, i called him out on it, and he started saying crazy mess like he loved me and needed me emotionally and we were NOWHERE near that point. I cut ties when i could tell he was off his rocker. 

Survivor story:  I met him at Eglin Air Force Base. He was married and I didn’t know. He asked for money when he was deployed. I gave him they money first to fix his Jeep. He claimed his uniforms got stolen and he needed a Ka-bar so I purchased and sent them to him. He eventually asked me to marry him and he was already married to his second wife living somewhere in between Destin FL and Panama City FL. The final time he contacted me was for rest money. I gave him at least 2000.00 in cash and or uniforms and Ka-bar. I feel so horrible he did this to me. I also feel horrible for all the others that have taken advantage of. This needs to be stopped because he can’t control himself nor can he live within his means.  

 Survivor story:  Met Daniel on Plenty of  Fish. Day two of us communicating he started telling me that he loved me and I did ask him how do you know this already? His response I just know. He only wanted to text. Wanted to live with me marry me. I never sent money nor did he ask for any. Just kept saying you promise to everything. I felt something was off and shady. I was right. When I never responded to his I love you he stopped messaging. He is a scammer. And everyone needs to watch out. 


Survivor story:  I met Daniel through Plenty of Fish 4 years ago . We got a townhouse together and life seemed great . Little by little things weren't adding up . He was working for Fed Ex and let's just say he was delivering more than packages . He had random women at offices I found him sending flowers too . One girl became obsessed with him and began stalking me . One day he left his laptop open our bed and I saw 100s of emails from Craigslist and naked pictures of men he was meeting for money . He tried to tell me it was spam mail but I knew different . Since we shared the same phone plan I was able to see his account and he was talking to over 50 girls on a daily basis . 

On Valentine's Day he came home from work and the same number kept calling and he didn't answer . When I text it from my phone it was a 16 year old girl he had plans with that night and hadn't shown up . 

I was diagnosed with cancer and the day of my surgery Daniel shut my cell phone off and took off to Florida to stay with his ex wife ( Daniel was married when i met him and I didn't know it . He went to Florida to divorce there and she told me he didn't stay in a hotel like he claimed , that he stayed with her the whole time and they slept together ) I was able to go to AT&T and get my cell turned back on since I was an authorized user on the account and the one paying the bill . Dan then called me as I was waiting to be wheeled into surgery and was very nasty  to me. When he got home from Florida a week later I was in our townhome recovering from surgery . He showed up to remove his things and attempted to take some of my things as well . I was standing in the door way from preventing him from taking my tv and he tried to move me and left large handprint bruises on my arms . Seeing as we just got the town house and I had been diagnosed with cancer unexpectedly I was unable to work as much and had two kids under 5 to take care of . I had to give the house up and lost $6,000 in court and lawyer fees I had already put into it plus another $6,000 I put down . They were never able to find Daniel to serve him court papers so I became liable for all of that money. He also continued to talk to a woman he met at a medical office who threatened to have me killed by her gang member son . 

I tried to reach out to Daniels Mom after becoming pregnant and she told me I was a liar and her son was sterile . I knew this wasn't true as I had Daniel tested for stds and sperm count and motility at CNY fertility in Rochester Ny . His mother was awful to me . Daniel had told her all kinds of lies . It's my understanding all women who've been pregnant by Daniel have miscarried at 8 weeks . Probably due to his illegal steroid use . I was very close to Daniels grandmother until he lied to her as well.  

Dan did contact me a few weeks ago via Snap chat as I had him blocked on everything else , and let me know he's home in Webster . He's already started sending me explicit videos and asking to see me and my kids . 

Dan ruined me as a person , and my kids . While he treated me like a princess for a large part of our relationships there were a lot of things that didn't add up. 

When we broke up he told me the only way we would get back together was if I sent him videos of me having sex with other men , or if I bought him rims for his truck. Which of course I didn't do . He had an Apple Mac Book which is full of women having sex with men.  He also had a hidden camera set up at his ex-wife's house . He's absolutely insane . I don't believe he has the ability to truly love . Not only did he steal my happiness ; he mentally abused me and later physically abused me . He lived with me for free . 

Survivor Story:  March 2019 - Thank God this page exists! I live in Century, FL.  Dan contacted me on the Plenty of Fish dating site a few days ago and we’ve only texted but I felt uneasy that he wanted to move right in with me, and how could he say he was “falling hard” (his words) when he didn’t know anything about me. I did an internet search of his name expecting to find a mug shot or something but found this site.  I have now blocked him on all platforms.  He did not ask me for money but I felt like he was being a little too pushy about wanting to move in with me too soon. I’m sure the request for money to come to FL was coming pretty quickly.  All I can say is “thank you” and I’m so sorry for everyone’s pain but you are certainly saving other women from the same fate.  Yes, share my story! You’re wise to have stories of other women...I might have felt like one woman’s account was just someone being vindictive (that was his excuse when I confronted him about the site). But there were too many to ignore!  I will never be able to thank you enough. I literally sat here with my jaw on the floor reading the testimonies of the other ladies. As you said, a background check wouldn’t have alerted me to his sociopathic behavior. God bless you for the pain you suffered and I am deeply indebted to you for your courage to create this site and the determination to keep it going. 

Survivor Story:  February 2019 -  I just wanted to say thank you! I felt something was off when I recently met Dan on He does move fast. We’ve only been talking for a week but still something didn’t settle right with me. I didn’t know his last name until I found this site. I’m grateful that I kept searching. It hasn’t gone any more than just talking for me. But moved very fast with telling me after a few texts back and forth he wanted me to be his woman and not just sexually. I never met him.  I hope he gets caught soon. Again, thank you for creating the website! You saved my life from a potential disaster! I feel for all the ladies out there that he took advantage of. He is a good talker. Thank you again and keep up trying to get this creep caught.  

Survivor Story:   I met Dan on the Tinder dating website in Jan 2017. He was the first person I went on a date with after my divorce from a 20+ year marriage. I was 42 at the time, he was a lot younger than what I was interested in but he had lied about his age on the dating profile, so I didn’t know he was only 28 until after we had met in person and by then I was already taken in by his charm. I was at a vulnerable point in my life and having someone show that much interest in me was exactly what I needed. I found out about the girlfriend in NY quickly and I broke things off with him. However, after a few days he assured me things were over between them and from what I could see, it appeared it was (at that point in time anyway). We "saw" each other for about 2.5 months. However, he was notorious for not showing up or canceling on me last minute. He canceled or stood me up about as often as he would actually show up. Towards the end of things, we planned a trip out of the state and two days before we were leaving, he made up a lie about his grandmother having a stroke and having to go to NY. 

I never saw him in person again after that. However, he would contact me every couple of weeks and say how much he missed me and wanted to see me again. A couple of times I agreed to see Dan and he stood me up (surprise, surprise). It was really bizarre behavior and I could not figure him out. I knew there was something mentally wrong with him but I had no idea until I saw this website about how far reaching his issues were. While we were seeing each other, he kept saying he wanted to move in with me and start a life together. Lucky for me, I have 2 kids that I was not even close to being ready to introduce him to so there was no way I was going to allow that. I read over your testimonies and some things make sense now. For example, when he was moving to Texas , he told me that he was going to work overseas with KBR. For the next several months, he continued talking with me, sending me pictures and saying he wanted to see me when he “got back to the states”. Finally, in Feb 2018, I told him to stop contacting me and I blocked him. I am thankful that he never got anything more from me other than some tears. I hope he stops this behavior before he hurts anyone else. The boy needs some serious help.



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