Public Service Announcement!

Have you been duped by Daniel John Kane, Jr?

Have you been duped by Daniel John Kane, Jr? Have you been duped by Daniel John Kane, Jr? Have you been duped by Daniel John Kane, Jr?

Ladies! Beware of this Romance Scammer!


going viral to keep women safe

This site has gone VIRAL thanks to women around the country who have learned to google this predator's name when the RED FLAGS start popping up!  Please share the link to this site broadly on all social media and romance scammer sites to continue to get the word out.  Thank you! 

Since going live with this site in July 2018 we have had close to 300,000 site visitors and have been inundated with survivors (we don't use the word victim) who have reached out to share their first-hand experiences with this predator through our Contact Us Page!  Our new SURVIVOR STORIES tab provides some personal accounts of the destruction this sociopath is capable of causing.  Please come forward with your account of crossing paths with this individual - it will serve to protect other women AND ensure that law enforcement has the necessary evidence to prosecute this individual for his crimes against women.  Act now!   

 ONLINE DATING SCAM!  This site was created to warn unsuspecting women (and men!) about this predator.  Daniel John Kane, Jr. is a full-time professional scammer of primarily women, though he also contracts with men for sexual favors and services through sites such as Craigslist and other casual encounter / hookup sites. Please review these pages carefully in order to protect yourself from this romance scam!

Who Are We?

We are a group of smart, educated, strong women who all have one important thing in common - we have all been preyed upon by Daniel Kane. This predator manipulated us in a number of ways, and caused emotional, financial and sexual harm.  He has a distinct pattern of behavior, systems and "scripts" he uses to attract his victims.  If we can help just one woman avoid this nightmare, then justice will be served!

Call to Action!

Please visit the Education and Call to Action/Contact Us pages to protect yourself if you have had any contact with this predator.