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Daniel John Kane, Jr. is a 31-year old single white male who was born in Rochester, NY on July 14, 1988.  He grew up in upstate New York, including Rochester, Greece and Medina, NY.  He was previously a firefighter in the United States Air Force and a civilian firefighter at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.  He has a 8-year old German Shepherd named Heidi.  His family nickname is DJ.  He drives a 1989 reddish/maroon Chevy C/K 1500 truck.  He is currently unemployed and is transient - he sometimes lives at his Mom's home in Crestview, Florida but also resides at various women's homes in the Destin and Pensacola areas of FL from time to time. 

Daniel has a gun license, owns multiple handguns and assault rifles, and therefore should be considered armed and possibly dangerous.  He typically works out 5-6 days per week (usually at LA Fitness) but is unable to work out at this time due to the COVID quarantine.  He appears to have put on 10-20 pounds in the last year (as reflected in the first two photos on the home page).

He has multiple tattoos on his body (tribal on his arms, a guardian angel on one shoulder blade, "D and K Amor" on the other, and a "K" tattoo on his ring finger.)  Most of the time he has facial hair, but is sometimes clean-shaven.  He has a few acne scars on his face.

His IG page is called limegreenskatcat392, named for his previous vehicle which he wrecked promptly within a few months of receiving it as a gift from a woman he occassionally resides with in Florida. 


Daniel "trolls" for women in a variety of ways.  He regularly connects with women on multiple online dating websites, including Match, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Seeking Arrangement and others.  He also targets women at truck meets and the gym.  His primary tactic is "fishing" for women on Facebook - mainly by connecting and reaching out to women through Facebook Messenger. He reaches out under the guise of a woman looking "familiar" and that he found them through the "People You May Know" feature on FB.  Once he messages them this way, he comments that he finds them attractive and can't believe "you're single." 

From there, the woman is intrigued and the dialogue begins.  He very quickly escalates the "relationship" with extreme flattery and sexual references.  He also starts sending multiple explicit photos and videos.  Daniel moves very quickly into "I love you" and "I want to marry you" and "I want a life with you."  This is a pattern I have experienced firsthand and I have also heard this same experience from many women who have been duped by Daniel and subsequently reached out to me.  

His target audience is typically "older women" in their 40's or 50's, but he has reached out to women as young as 17 and as old as 70 and every age in between.  From my personal experience, his "agenda" is to manipulate women EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALLY, AND SEXUALLY.  He "geographically targets" women primarily in the Florida Panhandle, Greater Houston, and upstate New York areas, but has also been known to reach out to women in other areas, including CO, AL, and NC and other states.  

He also wants to get them "offline" as soon as possible by requesting their phone number so he can begin texting them.  He uses his "good looks" and flattery to create this persona of a "Prince Charming, "too good to be true" suitor who usually promises to love them forever and build a life together with him. The women who are long distance from him  often wire and transfer him money to help cover his bills or "gas money" - usually centered on a promise of a "happily ever after" with him as "Mrs. Kane."  

For those in his immediate area, his tendency is to escalate the relationship quickly, have sex with them, and then "go dark" on them as quickly as he surfaced. It is all "smoke and mirrors" because he continues "trolling" for new women almost daily through FB Messenger, private FB groups, and online dating sites -  always looking to move on to his "next victim."  This predator relies heavily on his military/veteran /firefighter background to attract his victims.  Another common lie he tells these women is that he works for KBR managing government contracts, when in actuality he was unemployed from Sept 2017-June 2018.

In addition to this predator behavior, Daniel also tends to buy, sell and trade guns and other arm items through online portals such as FB, ArmsList, LetGo and Offer Up. I would caution those who transact with him to take precautions also - as it is questionable as to the source of these goods and he may be involved in money laundering activity.  He is also very active in specialty clubs and groups in which he seeks homosexual hookups and "hosting", as well as offering services for kinksters and swingers groups (offering +1 threesomes and videos for ladies' husbands.)  He does not appear to have many limits wihen it comes to getting the "constant sexual attention" that he craves.  And he will get it at all costs no matter who he hurts, lies or steals from.


I created this website because I fell victim to this predator.  I am a well-educated, single, financially independent woman in my 40's who met Daniel on in May 2017.  He reached out to me using the same tactics I have described above.  We "fell in love" and he moved from Florida to Texas in September 2017 to move in with me and to begin our life together.  I supported him completely while he "pretended" to look for a job.  Little did I know that he already had a full-time "job" of trolling for women all day every day, while I paid his bills, fed him and his dog, paid for everything and believed his empty words and lies.  After about 9 months, I began to get messages from other women via FB Messenger giving me a heads up about his "multiple lies and lives".  The only "good" I could think of to come from the cruelty and manipulation by this individual is for me to "pay it forward" to protect other innocent, unsuspecting women who fall for his deception and lies!  

Please know that I did a full background check on Daniel before he moved in with me, and all of his details "checked out."  I googled him and nothing came up.  So I thought I did proper due diligence; however, this person seems to be mentally ill (likely an undiagnosed sociopath) and his methodical targeting and abuse of women doesn't reflect on a background check!  My hope is that women who cross this person's path can gain awareness and protect themselves (emotionally, financially and sexually).  I have absolutely NO DOUBT that there are hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of victims out there, and many are coming forward and filing with the FBI and local law enforcement.  IT IS TIME TO STOP THIS PREDATOR.

Daniel Kane Jr. and Heidi

Daniel Kane Jr. and Heidi


Where Does This Predator "Operate?"

Daniel tends to live and move/relocate periodically within the "triangle" of NY - FL - TX.  Specifically, these are the cities he has either lived in or targets victims in these areas (ladies in these areas need to be hyper-sensitive to crossing his path, but he will likely go anywhere to take advantage of a woman with a big heart and even modest financial resources):

Crestview, FL (Mom's residence) 

Destin, FL 

Webster, NY

Rochester, NY

Medina, NY

Greece, NY

Niagara Falls, NY

Pensacola, FL

Eglin AFB, FL

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Destin, FL

San Antonio, TX

Randolph AFB, TX

Houston, TX

Richmond, TX

Katy, TX

Webster, TX

Sugar Land, TX

Albion, NY

Denver, CO

Weatherford, TX

Waterloo, NY

La Porte, TX

Ramsonville, NY
Gulf Breeze, FL

Miramar Beach, FL

Buffalo, NY

Citrus Hills, FL

Navarre, FL

Montgomery, AL

Fayetteville, NC

Oswego, NY

Erie, PA  

Century, FL 

Where will he end up next?


Daniel is very active on social media, primarily Facebook/FB Messenger, Instagram, online dating sites (Match, POF and Tinder, as well as others) and private truck, sex or gun FB groups such as:

FRTC Panhandle

Dodge Ram Trucks

RamPage Club

Houston Area Dodges / Ram


4thGen Dodge Ram Cummins Owners

4th Gen Dodge / Ram Parts (Buy/Sell/Trade)

Harley Davidson Dyna Owners

Florida Ram Truck Club

Ram 4th Gen Buyers Club


Crestview Buy/Sell/Trade

Kinksters Singles/Couples Houston 

AR-15 Gun Owners of America

Daniel John Kane Jr.

Daniel John Kane Jr.


Daniel Averages 3-5 New Connections with Innocent Victims Daily Thru Dating Sites/Facebook/Instagram


Anatomy of an Online Romance Scam

Romance scams run the spectrum from simply toying with people’s emotions to stealing their money. In some dire cases, it has even landed victims in jail for their part in a crime. How do these online scams come about?

Here’s a scenario that victims fall for hook, line and sinker: 


A woman checks her Facebook messages and finds one from a stranger. When she responds to ask how they know each other, he lists some ambiguous connection from her friends’ list. From his profile picture, he looks like a happy, outgoing person, so they begin to communicate regularly.

They talk about their interests, their families, and jobs. He already knows that she works in insurance from her profile, and he mentions that he works on an off-shore oil rig. Over a very brief period of time, the messages become frequent and they exchange phone numbers so they can text. They can’t talk, though, since phone reception is spotty on the oil rig. Quickly, the conversations turn to his feelings for her, how he’s never met anyone like her, and finally, their lifelong plans together.


But then tragedy strikes. The man’s mother is ill and he can’t send her money for medicine because the bank has frozen his account. After the woman helps out—after all, this is her future mother-in-law—then it’s his mother’s power bill. Then he wants to come see her in person (finally!) but the company he worked for is suddenly charging its employees for the boat back to the mainland. After she pays for that boat, he books a flight but didn’t know he had to pay for a visa to enter the U.S., and he’s being detained at the airport while he waits for that visa.

And Sinker

Once the story has played out, the scammer is done with his victim. He stops communicating altogether and moves on to the next lonely heart, leaving the woman to wonder if her boyfriend is okay, if she’s done something wrong, or worse, if she has been the victim of a scam.

Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of a romance scam: 

1. Don’t accept friend requests from people you have no connection to, and remember that profiles are incredibly easy to fake.

2. If someone contacts you and you feel like responding, just keep things at arm’s length until you’ve had a chance to check them out through your connections.

3. If you do strike up a wonderful online relationship with someone, just be aware of the red flags like out-of-town jobs, escalating the relationship far too quickly, and requests for money for bizarre circumstances.

Avoid these pitfalls, and you’ll be far less likely to waste your time and your money on a scammer instead of the real deal.

Eva Velasquez is president and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center, which is sponsored by CyberScout.


Ladies, there is a well-calculated system for how this predator and other online romance scammers tend to troll for and "hook" their victims, with promises of a "happily ever after like no other":


Stage 1: Contacting the victims

The Better Business Bureau reports romance scammers use dating websites, apps, Facebook and other social media to find their victims. Many of these scammers use stolen credit cards to join the sites and make fake Facebook pages for their aliases.

Once the scammer gets in contact with a potential victim. The BBB says they work to move them to a different form of communication such as text or email. The scammers do this in case the dating site identifies them as a scammer and shuts them down.

Stage 2: Grooming

During this phase, the scammer learns about the victim's life and builds trust. The BBB says this stage can go on for months and include daily texts or messages. 

The scammer may also send small gifts or flowers. The scammer may also request small favors, testing how open a victim may be to helping when an "emergency" pops up.

The BBB says the grooming process focuses on isolating victims from their friends and family. The scammer tries to convince victims that their friends and family have questionable motives to criticize the scammer.

Stage 3: The sting

The scam comes into high gear when the scammer asks for money. This is usually explained as an emergency, business problem or a plane ticket to finally meet. The BBB says if the victim sends money, the scammer finds ways to keep asking for more.

The scams can also be dangerous. The BBB says victims have unknowingly been pulled in to money laundering or drug trafficking and, in a few cases, even convinced to fly overseas to meet their love interest only to be kidnapped and held for ransom.

Stage 4: The fraud continues

Even if the scam's target realizes they fell victim, the fraud may still go on. The BBB says the scammer may use a new scam pretending to help them get their money back. 

In this new scam, a person claiming to be a law enforcement official may reach out to say the scammer was caught. The scammer says the victim can get their money if they spend several thousand dollars in fees.

In other cases, the Better Business Bureau reports the scammer reaches out and admits the relationship started as a scam but they actually fell in love. This continues the cycle of the scam.


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If you have been targeted by Daniel, please click here for specific ways you can protect yourself and STOP HIM from continuing his criminal behavior!